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How to Redye a Canvas Top

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Please read all directions before beginning your project.  Do not hesitate to call or email if you have any further questions.


You will need  Prestine Clean, soft tooth brush or bath brush, clean terry towels, and bucket of clean warm water. Apply Prestine Clean liberally to canvas, Everflex, & carpet surfaces, with a brush, spray bottle or soft sponge. Don't miss this step as cleaning and  reconditioning is what will make your convertible top/upholstery look and feel new again.



You will need prepping agent, bucket of clean water

Apply the Prepping Agent with a terry towel or shop rag, and clean to remove any remaining dirt, ensure the top layer of old dye is broken down, and all previous treatments such as silicone, wax or oil product residue is gone.  Allow project to sit overnight or about 6 hours to allow prepping agent to dry. 



After the surface is clean and prepped, simply brush or spray on your new dye. 

You will need Leatherique Dye, top quality synthetic, acrylic type brushes, a dirt free environment, preferably indoors.

Temperature of 70 to 85 degrees, low humidity, no rain.  

Pour all the dye into a suitable container so it can be stirred and mixed properly.  Some pigments are heavier than others and settle.  Start with a small, inconspicuous area to get a feel for the product.  If it is too thick, stir in a small quantity of water to reach workable consistency.  Your color has been matched to your swatch using the newest, most long lasting high quality pigments available.  It is normal that the color may appear more vibrant than the faded hue you have become accustomed to.   Begin with the seams, piping and edges and allow them to dry.  (Usually by the time you are done, they are dry)  Then proceed with broader areas.  Do not stop in the middle of a panel.  Consistency will be rewarded with a professional job.  Allow each piece to dry thoroughly.  Apply second coat as necessary.  If doing a COLOR CHANGE, another coat will be necessary.  Clean brushes and all equipment immediately with soap and hot water.



You will need Leatherique Dye, thinned about 10-25% with water, to start.  Set your equipment for a fine, almost dry mist coat.  Tape and paper all areas not to be sprayed.  Spray 2-3 fine mist coats to cover.  Clean your equipment with soap and hot water.



Allow project to remain untouched for 48 hours, as dye will be fragile.  Do not put a convertible top down for 72 hours.  Use Prestine Clean on convertible tops for regular maintenance cleaning to help extend the life and beauty of your top.  Most Restoration Technicians sell or give the remainder of the Prestine Clean to their client, as this is "Simply the Best" way to ensure they will maintain their restoration properly.  Check your top every 6-12 months, and touch up as needed.


Most canvas top colorants need to be reapplied every 4-6 months.  Leatherique has been formulated to last up to a year, or longer, with proper care.  Store unused dye at room temperature and check your top every 6 months. 


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